Nissan has announced they’re recalling 11,000 Jukes made between February 3 to May 26, 2012, because of a defect in the seat backs. A faulty part might allow the seat backs to come loose during a crash and increase the risk of injury.

No injuries have been reported yet, thank goodness. Nissan dealers will be contacting owners directly and the company is also raising awareness through the news.

If you own a Juke and worry it might be defective, you can talk directly with your dealer. If your car does fall within the recall, the dealer will replace the faulty part for free.

Car recalls happen more than you might realize. The government keeps a list of them on, where you can see 8 recalls listed for July already!

But the Nissan case stands out because of its massive scale: 11,000 is a relatively high number for recalls. The other 7 recalls this month include only a few hundred vehicles or less.

As car accident attorneys in Memphis, we examine product liability issues all the time in automotive crashes. Call us when you need an auto accident lawyer Memphis, TN residents trust to protect their best interests. Was the seat belt working properly? Did the airbags inflate? And now, in the case of 2012 Nissan Jukes, did the seat backs remain in place?

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