What should you do if your rental property is unsafe? In this video, Memphis premises liability attorney Darrell Castle gives some tips for dealing with your landlord when there’s a safety risk on the property.

If you’re ever injured because of a landlord’s negligence or wrongdoing, you may be entitled to compensation.

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What should I do if the property I rent is unsafe?

If you’re a tenant and your space seems unsafe, you should go to the landlord and make a complaint. To be safe about it, you should give them that complaint in writing, just to have a record (“Here’s the letter I gave the landlord advising him that that step was broken and needed to be repaired”). That’s the first thing you should do.

If the landlord doesn’t change it, then do that again. Ultimately you’ve got a lease with that landlord that’s got to be followed by both parties, and he’s not in compliance with his lease if he leaves something that’s unreasonably dangerous on his property.

Most of the time, they’ll fix it if they’re notified.

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