According to a Bloomberg report, Merck & Co., the manufacturer of NuvaRing, may pay $100 million to settle thousands of lawsuits. This is according to a New Jersey judge who said this deal can happen as long as enough woman agree to it.

As many as 3,800 federal and state court cases could be settled.

This all stems from lawsuits against NuvaRing with women accusing Merck of selling the drug while knowing its higher risk of heart attack-inducing blood clots when compared to other similar products.

“The settlement is a fair resolution of this litigation,” the New Jersey judge said. “This is a lump-sum settlement of $100 million that covers the entire litigation nationwide.”

But, is it fair?

According to Bayer, their company recently paid over $1.6 billion to settle claims over their birth-control pills, Yasmin and Yaz, in which victims claimed the drugs led to the same dangerous results as NuvaRing users are claiming.

However, according to Carol Tobias, a University of Richmond liability law professor, proving liability against the NuvaRing device appears to be more difficult, resulting in Merch’s potential in getting out “cheap.”

Have you, or someone you know, used NuvaRing and suffered from any of the following?

  • severe blood clots and deep vein thrombosis
  • pulmonary embellish (severe lung problems)
  • stroke
  • death

It’s not too late to be included in these settlements. You need to speak to an experienced attorney.

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