Early in the morning at the Thomas and Stage intersection there were back-to-back car accidents. Though the first accident involved three vehicles, there weren’t any injuries, but suddenly just a few minutes later, a second car accident happened at the intersection leaving a pedestrian dead and the other victim rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Shockingly, these accidents were reportedly unrelated to each other.

Despite the individual outcomes of each participant in these accidents, none of them could have fathomed the anticipation of this critical event about to happen in their life. To imagine it was a regular day for these people starting their morning routines and commutes before 6 a.m., and then experience and witness two separate crashes that are life-altering.

It’s easy to assume or just wonder if the pedestrian killed was out on a morning run, just like any other Wednesday morning. Whether it is positive or negative, any life-altering event reminds us how little control we have in our lives and it is inevitable to avoid. 

Unfortunately, when transformative events or accidents are catastrophic and tragic, the road to recovery ends up being long, challenging, and sometimes endless. Many people suffer life-long disabilities or limitations following a car crash like this that they could never imagine happening in the first place.

Whether you are a victim with critical injuries in a car accident or any other kind of hapless accident, you absolutely deserve the best care, compensation, and justice.  And ultimately it is in your best interest to contact a passionate, qualified Memphis catastrophic injury lawyer in your area.

Darrell Castle & Associates understands how harrowing physical injuries can easily impact a victim for the rest of their life, even once they find themselves in a healthy, stable condition following the accident. With the combination of a long stay in the hospital and often a long rehabilitation process, overcoming a tragic accident is also unfortunately costly.

A long recovery timeline also means not working for an extended period of time, which can gravely impact your life. A victim should not even bare the idea of the financial weight an accident has caused them, and a caring attorney will remove this daunting task from the victim. We as attorneys are here to perform our legal roles and responsibilities to the fullest extent so that you as the client can put one-hundred percent of your focus towards physical and emotional rehabilitation. 

With all of that said, we take any victim in a catastrophic injury seriously and want to be able to find you the best restitution possible.  Additionally, because we work on a contingency basis, we only charge a payment to our clients if we win them their case. We understand you should not bear the financial burden of our services if we didn’t deliver on securing you your justice. The emotional and mental pathway to moving on from a tragic accident is in itself something no victim should have to face, and we are here to support your process however we can through the legal, health, and financial steps.