“Hello! This is Darrell Castle, folks, and sometimes people ask me questions. One of the question I was asked recently is, ‘How is the opioid epidemic, the opioid crisis, if you want to call it that, different from the normal drug problems that we have here in America?’ Like, people might be addicted to heroin, to cocaine, to some other, what we call ‘street drugs,’ as opposed to opiates like oxycontin, oxycodone, fentanyl, and the like, methadone… The difference is, is that the opioids are perfectly legal. They’re not street drugs. You don’t have to go out and rob somebody to get the money to buy your drug; it’s prescribed legally by your doctor.

“See, doctors were convinced about twenty years ago that it was okay to give people these things for pains, so they started prescribing them to people who had chronic pain. Somebody got injured, had a serious injury… They get opiates. Somebody had arthritis, or some other chronic problem, they get opiates. Well, it created a whole bunch of addicts.

“Another group of addicts were veterans who had wounds from service, sometimes terrible wounds, and they would be given these things both on the battlefield and back at home, and they became addicts, so there’s millions of addicts out there, folks.

“And here’s the other difference between that epidemic of addiction and the ones that we we refer to as street drugs. Not only is the opiate epidemic perfectly legal, it’s also free for most people. That’s the good part about it for the addicts, see, it mostly free, because the government pays for all of it, these are legal prescriptions, either paid for by the government, through Medicare, Medicaid, to some other type of policy, or by private insurance, so people can… Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of illegal activity with the opiate line of pain relievers. Many people do buy them on the street. Many people get prescriptions and sell them, that’s just the way it is. Well, not to children, though, folks. The babies born to addicted mothers, that’s what I’m about. That’s what I am trying to help right now. All these babies, thousands of them, here in the state of Tennessee, born to mothers who took these things during their pregnancy and ended up with a baby that had neonatal abstinence syndrome. You know any children, folks? If you do, you call me, and you can talk to me for free about it.”

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