Pediatric BOTOX® Use Concerns Memphis Injury Attorney

Memphis, TN 4/17/13 — The use of BOTOX® has been marketed without FDA approval as a treatment for children with spasticity. Now Memphis personal injury attorney Darrell Castle claims the product is unsafe and has led to botulism in children and even death.

BOTOX® is a popular cosmetic drug used to prevent or diminish wrinkles; but recently the manufacturer Allergen has marketed the product off-label as a treatment for pediatric spasticity – a movement disorder in which children lose control of their limbs. In particular, it has been commonly used on children with cerebral palsy.

As early as 2008, the FDA began warning of risks associated with BOTOX® being spread throughout the body. The administration warned that BOTOX® had not been approved for use in any child under 12 and that no studies had been done to prove the efficacy or dosage of BOTOX® for children with spasticity.

To date, several children being treated with BOTOX® for cerebral palsy have died after the drug spread through the body from the injection site. The FDA warns the product is linked to botulism in children – a rare but potentially fatal paralytic illness.

Memphis injury attorney Darrell Castle is concerned that children, families, and even medical providers are not being warned adequately of the risks associated with BOTOX®.

Says Castle, “In Memphis, where we are blessed with internationally-renowned children’s hospitals that give the highest quality care every day, our doctors are treating these patients with the very best intentions, without even knowing the drug might work like a poison.”

Castle stresses the problem is not in the doctors’ care but in the way the product has been marketed to pediatricians and other health professionals. “This product is being sold as something it’s not. The pharmaceutical companies don’t want to warn families of the risks, and as a result, kids are dying.”

Memphis area personal injury firm Darrell Castle & Associates is not new to injury cases involving children. If you’ve been hurt by taking a prescription drug, contact our offices to discuss your options with a dangerous drugs lawyer Memphis, TN families turn to and trust. Attorneys at the firm have represented young people in cases against Accutane and Tylenol – two drugs that are often used on children.

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The popular drug BOTOX® has been linked to botulism, paralysis, and death in children. Families of children injured after being treated with BOTOX® for cerebral palsy or spasticity may contact attorney Darrell Castle of Memphis law firm Darrell Castle & Associates PLLC to discuss their options.

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