As a personal injury attorney Tennessee trusts, I know slip and fall accidents can happen in just about any environment. Whether you’re at work, on someone else’s property, or even at the supermarket. In fact, what most folks don’t realize is that grocery store injuries are actually one of the most common places for a slip and fall to happen.

Supermarket slip and fall accidents can be serious.

Supermarkets can be a hotbed for accidents. People commonly slip or trip on wet floors or uneven surfaces, as well as protruding displays or fallen objects.

Unfortunately, grocery store injuries can be very serious, especially if you’re a senior. They can cause broken legs, hip injuries, terrible bruises, and can sometimes even lead to lifelong pain, rehabilitation and medical bills.

Furthermore, grocery store slip and fall accidents often force a victim to take time off of work or stop working all together. This can leave them unable to financially support themselves and their families.

These are the most common areas for slip and fall injuries while shopping.

Certain parts of the grocery store pose more risk than others. Be vigilant when you find yourself shopping in these areas:

  • Big-box Stores. While shopping in big-box stores (like Sam’s and Costco), use extra caution. These stores often have large items on overhead shelves that can fall off while you’re walking by and hit you. An item might fall off the shelf and spill onto the floor. Or you might reach for an item you want to buy off a shelf and the shelf will collapse on you. Especially in stores like Costco, when every item  is of a significant size, these hazards are no joke.
  • The Produce Section. Fresh fruits and vegetables often fall on the floor, which then become tripping hazards. Even worse, if they are left unattended, they usually become trampled and squished, leaving a slippery patch of floor that you might not see coming.  
  • The Garden Section. This is another place where large and disorderly items are often kept high up on shelves. Heavy bags of feed or plant fertilizer can fall on you from above. Also, the watering mechanism that hydrates in-store plants or the chemicals used to treat plants can leak into the aisle without you noticing.

With so many variables, it’s easy to see why slip and fall accidents in a supermarket can result in significant injuries. Injuries that deserve to be taken seriously.

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