It didn’t take long to see reports of car accidents caused by Pokémon GO, the phone game sweeping the nation and world. People are using trains, Ubers, and even drones to “catch ’em all,” so it was only a matter of time before they tried to play from behind the wheel.

And of course car accidents aren’t the only risk involved. Police have reported injuries from walking onto busy highways, trespassing by accident, and falling into ditches, all while playing this addictive game.

App developer Niantic does warn users to stay alert and be aware of their surroundings at all times, but clearly that may not be enough for some people. A Darrel Castle & Associates car accident lawyer Memphis, TN motorists recommend can help auto accident victims that have been injured due to other’s negligence.

Distracted driving was already a huge problem in the United States: As of 2015, 1 in every 4 motor vehicle crashes involved a cell phone. Here in Tennessee, an infamous 2014 bus crash caused by texting and driving killed two children and a teacher’s aide. That was long before the temptation of Pokémon GO came around.

As a Memphis car wreck lawyer, I know this problem isn’t going away. But police and other authorities are begging that we take some responsibility. It’s pretty simple:

  • Don’t text and drive.
  • Don’t make calls and drive.
  • Don’t catch Pikachu and drive.

But even if you don’t do any of these things, other people still might. And if you’re in a car accident because of a distracted driver, I’m here to help.

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