On occasion we get calls or questions about dangerous dogs that belong to members of the police force. This is, unfortunately, a relatively common problem we see as dog attack lawyers in Memphis.

Sometimes the dog is a dangerous police dog that may threaten or even hurt someone during regular police work. It’s possible for even the most well-trained dog to lash out or bite someone – especially when the animal is typically used for law enforcement purposes and feels threatened by a stranger.

However, police also keep dogs on their own property that are unrelated to law enforcement. These dogs can also be unsafe, and are arguably a more common problem in Memphis.

After working tirelessly in perilous situations all day, some police prefer to keep protection animals at their homes. But when those dogs get out or aren’t cared for properly, they can be extremely dangerous.

If you’re injured by a dangerous police dog, you may be able to receive compensation. Police dogs and their owners aren’t immune if the animal terrorizes a member of the community.

Contact an experienced dog attack injury lawyer in Memphis to handle your case. We’re here to help, and the conversation is free.