The danger of defective car parts is scary

By: Darrell Castle

Missouri authorities claim a FedEx driver was crushed by his own truck while making deliveries. Blame is being pointed at a possible brake defect.

The 52 year old driver was outside of his truck when it began to roll down an embankment, crushing him between the houses. The driver was transported to the hospital where he later died as a result of his injuries.

A truck accident lawyer Memphis, TN trusts can tell you this is one of the most tragic accidents they’ve seen, as are any accidents of this size and consequence. These FedEx trucks are massive and can do very serious damage. The family of this driver should contact an experienced road accident attorney immediately.

The brakes on this truck should be investigated thoroughly. Were they designed defectively? Were they tinkered with? Were they to blame at all? These are questions the attorney will need to find answers to.

If it turns out the brakes were actually designed defectively, then the manufacturer should be held liable for compensation owed to the victim’s family. They should be entitled to compensation for medical bills, as well as pain, suffering and more.

Workers’ compensation is obviously involved here as well. If the brakes were in fact defective, there could be a far-greater recovery than workers’ comp because it would only be limited by the actual value of the case.

What about when your seatbelt or tires are defective, causing injury? I talk about that in my past video series that you can find here and here.

What if your fuel system is defective, causing an explosion and injury? I talk about that here.

Be careful out there, folks. And if you find yourself injured in a road accident that wasn’t your fault, or you aren’t sure whose fault it was, contact an experienced attorney immediately.

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