Trucking is considered a for-profit business, in which trucking companies may push their employees past their limits in order to deliver cargo as quickly as possible. Truckers may try to get ahead of schedule and avoid traffic by driving during normal sleeping hours, or skipping out on much needed rest breaks. These habits may backfire, when an accident prevents cargo from arriving at its delivery location at all. In the article here, we have answered several questions about commercial truck wrecks.

Do car drivers often suffer the consequences of a truckers poor driving habits?

Yes, truckers do not always operate their hefty commercial vehicles with care and diligence. A person may reasonably conclude that truckers do everything they possibly can to avoid causing an accident. Sadly, due to the pressures of the job a trucker may start to value speed over the safety of others on the road. So in the end, it may be an innocent car driver next to the trucker who ends up enduring the repercussions of negligent driving behavior.

Which driver usually has the worse wounds, the car driver or the trucker?

In most cases, it is the standard car driver who gets the very worst of the injuries. This may be partially due to the fact that commercial trucks can weigh almost twenty times more than the average car. Additionally, if the trucker was hauling hazardous chemicals and it leaked out after the collision, others may face very serious burns and toxicity. A few of the most common injuries a car driver may experience after being slammed by a commercial truck are listed as follows:

  • Traumatic brain injury (brain swelling/bleeding, concussion)
  • Facial wounds
  • Deep lacerations (that require stitches or surgery)
  • Crushed extremities
  • Emotional trauma
  • Chemical burns
  • Neck and back injuries (dislocated shoulder, slipped disc, whiplash)
  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord damage

What are examples of poor truck driving behavior?

If a trucker does not abide by the rules of the road due to being in a rush, they could inadvertently cause a collision with another vehicle. This may not only postpone their journey, but stop it altogether. Examples of bad habits that a trucker may form while hurrying down the highway can include:

  • Failing to check blind spots or “no zones”
  • Driving while using a cell phone
  • Falling asleep behind the wheel due to sleep deprivation
  • Lying on driving tracking sheets to get ahead of schedule
  • Not using signals when making road maneuvers
  • Driving too closely behind another vehicle

Is it possible to sue the trucker to pay for my medical bills?

If the trucker was at-fault for the wreck and you now have medical bills that need to be paid, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the trucker or trucking company. You may have more than just medical bills to pay, as your vehicle could need repairs and perhaps you are out of work in order to recover from injuries. Many car drivers in such a situation may meet with a personal injury lawyer Charlottesville, VA relies on to find out more about their legal options.



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