11_experienced-nursing-home-abuse-lawyer-memphisNursing homes can be a blessing: independence for mom or dad, a feeling of community, and excellent care provided by a hard-working staff. Or it can be a nightmare: neglect, inhumane conditions, and abuse.

No one would ever wish this upon a loved one, and nursing home abuse is an extremely serious matter that should be handled by an experienced Memphis nursing home abuse lawyer. But how can we prevent these conditions? Here are 5 ways to encourage quality care at your loved one’s nursing home.

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1. Research First

Thanks to the internet, we are connected with hundreds, thousands, even millions of people. This works to our advantage when we need the experience of others to make a decision. Make sure you do plenty of research on nursing homes you’re considering before selecting one. Read dozens of reviews and note anything that seems like a red flag. A quick Google search can unearth any negative news, as well. Research first before you make your decision. You’ll be glad you did!

2. Visit Often

Once your loved one is in care, make sure you visit as often as you can. The more you check in on your loved one, the more familiar you become to the staff. It becomes clear that this patient’s care is well-monitored! Not only does visiting often help ensure excellent care, but it helps your relative adjust to their new environment more easily.

3. Visit Unexpectedly

If you can, try to vary the days and times of your visits. If caregivers have grown to expect your visit at a regular time, you won’t be getting an authentic look at the conditions at the nursing home. Popping by for surprise visits will show you what life is really like there, rather than the camera-ready conditions when staff is prepared for a visit. Hopefully, conditions will look the same whether you’re visiting for the annual Mother’s Day brunch or you’re stopping by on a random Tuesday for a surprise!

4. Look Carefully

When you visit, really look at the living and activity conditions of your loved one. Are they propped up just watching TV or staring out the window? Does it seem they’ve been this way for hours? Look for possible bruises or sores, dirty linens, and unsafe conditions. Being aware of the living space and your loved one’s conditions can help detect poor care before it’s too late.

5. Ask Questions

The final tip (and maybe one of the most important) to looking after a loved one in a nursing home is to ask questions. A lot of them. Ask questions of the staff about your loved one’s schedule, temperament, struggles, likes, and dislikes. Show that you’re paying attention and that you expect excellent care. Also make sure you’re asking questions of your loved one, like whether they’re feeling comfortable and safe, or scared, unwell, etc. An answer to one of these questions just might clue you into something not being “right”, despite appearances. As a firm with a trusted nursing home lawyer Memphis, TN relies on for their elder abuse cases, we’ve helped many families get justice.

We rely on nursing homes to help care for our loved ones day in and day out, when we can’t. No one should have to worry about those charged with care actually abusing those closest to us. If you suspect or have witnessed nursing home abuse, don’t risk it. Call an experienced Memphis nursing home abuse lawyer today. We’re here for you.