Why the SSDI Numbers Have Changed

Disability LawyerIn the past 40 years, the number of people who receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) increased sixfold, from 1.4 million people to 8.3 million. A report from the Congressional Budget Office helps to explain why.

Changes in the Workforce

First, the numbers reflect an increase of women in the workforce. More workers eligible for SSDI means an increase in Social Security claims.

Along with women who boosted the workforce for the last 40 years, the baby boomer generation produced an influx of new workers in general. As people age, they become more and more qualified to receive SSDI, because older age can make training for a new type of work difficult. So successful SSDI claims continue to increase as the baby boomers grow older.

Lastly, economic downturns can affect how many people apply for SSDI. Sometimes when the jobs are plentiful, people prefer to work even with the difficulties of disability if the injury isn’t too severe. But when unemployment skyrockets, many workers might turn to Social Security as an option to help them through the hardship.

Changes in the Law

The law also played a part. In 1984, the federal government changed disability law to make it more general. Rather than require a particular injury fit a specific list of impairments, it took into consideration education, age, and mental health, among other things. These changes particularly increased successful claims involving mental illness.

SSDI law also changed regarding age. The Social Security retirement age rose in recent years from 65 to 66, which increased the number of eligible workers.

Lawyer to Help You Receive Social Security Disability

If you need to apply for SSDI, you should talk with an attorney to get started. The vast majority of cases get denied without a lawyer.

As a Social Security lawyer Memphis TN has turned to for years, I can help. Contact us today to get started so you can receive Social Security disability when you need it most.

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