Workers compensation claim onlineWhat Happens When a Company Refuses Your Workers’ Comp Claim?

When a company refuses to pay for your work injury, it can be incredibly frustrating. Sadly, for a lot of people in Memphis, it’s also extremely common. But a refused workers’ comp claim doesn’t mean the end of the road.

The Commercial Appeal recently published an in-depth investigation into the Tennessee workers’ comp system. While their findings may infuriate you, you have options to fight back. What we do every day at Darrell Castle & Associates could make all the difference for you if your claim has been denied.

TN State Fines Don’t Stop Companies from Wrongfully Denying Your Claim

The investigation looked at paperwork for denied workers’ comp claims from early 2017 to early 2022. In some cases, tiny errors resolved themselves eventually without major damage done.

Workers Comp lawyer TNBut for others, lengthy denials caused terrible harm. People were denied the care they needed for important surgeries and other medical procedures. Injuries went untreated. Workers suffered.

Importantly, the workers’ comp insurance companies appear to have known they were wrongly denying people. When this happens, the state is supposed to punish them with fines and other penalties.

Instead, Tennessee often issues no-fine warnings—just a simple, “Hey if you don’t mind, please don’t do that again.”

In cases where they did fine the companies, it was only $250—a laughable number for these huge businesses.

Imagine sitting in pain for months waiting on a critical back surgery because your company refuses pay you the money you need and deserve by law. Then you find out they will only have to pay $250 for the suffering they caused you!


Case Example from Our Workers’ Comp Attorneys

We have a case like this right now. Our client had an existing leg injury. Then a work-related accident caused the injury to tear and become a much bigger problem. In fact, the complications from her work accident meant she would need surgery.

The insurance company disputes whether the leg injury happened because of work. They say since she already had an injury, it shouldn’t count as a workers’ comp case. 

Your job shouldn’t be able to injure you, and it also shouldn’t be allowed to further injure you.

And finally, to make matters even worse, the company fired her. This is illegal behavior that workers’ comp was designed to prevent in the first place.

Now, she’s got us on our side, and we can help her get the medical care she needs. 

Appeal Your Refused Workers’ Comp Claim

These companies should not be allowed to get away with stealing from their employees by denying them workers’ comp. If you get injured on the job, workers’ comp is often your only remedy. Many health insurance companies won’t pay for your medical bills over a work injury because that’s not their job—that’s the job of workers’ comp.

That’s how the system was always meant to work. Unfortunately, these denials continue to happen, and the workers suffer.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to end there. If you’ve been injured on the job and they denied your workers’ comp claim, you do have options.

Our workers’ comp attorneys help appeal these decisions. We fight for you to get the benefits you need and deserve, and we don’t win any money unless you do.

With our team, your success is our success. Unlike what you’ve probably experienced every step of the way with the workers’ comp system, you finally get someone on your side.

Don’t wait to get started. If you’ve been denied workers’ comp, contact us today: 901-327-2100, or fill out the form below.

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