Did a road defect have something to do with your motorcycle crash? If so, how might that affect your case? Memphis motorcycle injury attorney Darrell Castle discusses your options.






What happens when a road defect causes my motorcycle accident?


If you’re on a motorcycle or bicycle and there’s a defect in the road that causes your accident, it depends on what you mean by “defect” in the road.

If you’re talking about a pothole or something like that, you’re under an obligation to watch the road, and to pay attention, and to avoid things like that. You have a duty not to run through some pothole deep enough to cause your accident.

But at the same time, nothing should be discounted. Talk to your attorney about it. Perhaps there’s some other issue with that road that he might be able to help you with.

Things like that happen – just tell your attorney what you think caused the accident and give him the facts. It would be really helpful if you had pictures of whatever you think caused it. Since almost everyone has a cell phone now, it should be easy to do that, unless you’re so injured that you can’t – that’s understandable.

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