The RoundUp Lawsuit is about roundup lawyers claiming that Monsanto’s extremely popular weed killer is linked to Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL).  The company denies it, but juries aren’t buying the denials with verdicts in the billions of dollars.

NHL is a signature disease that generally can be traced to carcinogenic exposure to substances like Benzene or RoundUp. RoundUp may be highly effective for keeping lawns under control and destroying weeds without harming other plants, but it harms humans according to cases presented to the Court, that were cross examined by top defense lawyers, which still led to the findings of several juries that the objective data shows that RoundUp causes Lymphoma.  In contrast to plants, humans have circulatory systems that can be polluted by repeated exposure to the bad plant killer and cancer can develop.

The RoundUp Lawsuits allege that Glyphosate the active ingredient may trigger a human immune reaction where the white blood cells are out of control and cause the (NHL) Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma which creates life threatening consequences.

Litigation like the RoundUp lawsuit is known as mass tort litigation which simply means multiple people are allegedly physically injured by the same product or exposure to a substance.  Often times when there are waves of verdicts it is a precursor and it is possible there will be a global RoundUp Settlement in the near future. If there is a RoundUp Settlement it is critical to obtain RoundUp counsel as soon as possible.  The trend for mass tort settlements is that built into the announcement of the settlement individuals who have an attorney as of that date are included in the settlement and those that don’t have a lawyer may be barred from participating in the settlement.

To date there have been three verdicts in which juries who have heard the evidence from both sides have found a link.  The latest jury in California found that a husband and wife had NHL from the product and awarded 2 Billion dollars. You read that correctly, billion with a “B” as they believed that the conduct of Monsanto in knowing about the link and covering it up was worthy of a large punitive damages award.

If you are diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and were exposed to RoundUp you have rights that are extremely time sensitive and you should speak with a RoundUp Lawyer right away to find out if you might qualify to participate in the RoundUp Litigation and hold Monsanto accountable for your cancer.

Thanks to our friends from Brown, LLC, for their insight into RoundUp lawsuits.