By: Darrell Castle

Have you driven down a two lane highway behind a big semi-truck and just wanted to go ahead and legally pass it? What stops you?

Well, these semi-trucks are hard to see around. And this often leads to drivers testing their luck and passing by them anyway. And THAT leads to a high risk of very serious truck accidents.


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That’s why Samsung has developed a prototype called the Safety Truck.

If you’re driving behind one of these safety trucks, then you’ll have a “clear, real-time view of oncoming traffic.”

These trucks won’t be on the road anytime soon. The project is in its early stages and has just been tested in Argentina, one of the most dangerous places in the world to drive.

But it’s already becoming a controversial topic.

Technology can’t be stopped, so we might as well embrace it and use it for good. And this project comes with the best intentions.

However, until the product is completely perfected, it has the potential to cause more accidents as a form of distraction than it does to prevent them. And if that’s the case, then there’ll be a lot of liability to go around when someone gets hurt.

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