texting and driving in memphis | Memphis car accident lawyers

By now, the dangers of texting on the road have been well discussed in the media, and many states – including Tennessee – have banned texting while driving altogether. But the temptation to check messages can still be difficult, especially if you’re running late or getting information about where you’re going.

In case you still have a tendency to text while driving, check out these statistics:

Likelihood of causing a car crash:

When driving while drunk: 4x

When texting while driving: 8x

Ability to stop the car when necessary (at 35mph):

Drunk drivers drive 4 feet further on average

Texting drivers drive 25 feet further on average

If it’s safer to drive drunk than to text your friend, we’d recommend you avoid doing either!

Remember, if you’re in a car accident with a texting driver, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact us to talk about your options.