When we leave our elderly loved ones at nursing homes, we expect for them to be looked after with the utmost care. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. There are many cases of nursing home abuse in the U.S. and some of them go unreported. The last thing you want is for your family member to be mistreated, so it’s important to recognize the warning signs.

Here are some signs of nursing home abuse:

Loss of Mobility

Many patients go into nursing homes with limited mobility. That’s why it’s important for staff to have the patient move around frequently throughout the day. Doing at least a little bit of walking can improve strength, circulation and balance. If your family member has even worse mobility than before, there may be something up. If nursing home patients are left in bed for hours at a time, they are at risk of losing all their mobility.

Bad Personal Hygiene

Many nursing home patients are unable to perform basic hygiene habits, such as bathing and brushing their teeth, on their own. It’s up to the nursing home staff to help them get groomed. If you notice that your relative looks unkempt, it’s a sign that the nursing home is understaffed and there aren’t enough staff members to help with every patient’s hygiene routine.

Strange Injuries

Nursing home patients who don’t receive the care they need may attempt to do certain tasks on their own. This can lead to falls and other accidents. If your loved one has bruises, broken bones or other injuries, it’s likely he or she isn’t being taken care of properly.

Emotional Issues

When nursing home patients are neglected or abused, it can lead to a lot of emotional issues. They may become very angry, depressed or isolated. If your family member isn’t acting like him or herself and seems to be growing distant from everyone else, you definitely should address this issue.


Another sign of nursing home abuse is malnutrition. Many nursing home residents need assistance with eating. If there are not enough staff members, some patients may not get properly fed. If your family member looks like he or she has lot a significant amount of weight, there may be something wrong.

Unsafe Environment

It is critical for nursing home staff to ensure the environment is kept up nicely and safe for all the residents. If you notice slippery floors, poor lighting, clutter on the floors and other hazards, your loved one is at risk of getting hurt.

If you believe that your family member is being mistreated at a nursing home, you should contact a nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible. Your relative doesn’t deserve to be treated that way and needs justice. A lawyer can help you file a lawsuit against the nursing home and obtain the compensation your family member deserves.