Personal Injury Lawyer

People do not always stay where they are born. One of the best ways to keep in touch with loved ones while apart is on social media. Various platforms allow for interaction between people regardless of the miles that separate them.

What happens to social media when you file a lawsuit? With the transparent culture that social media supports, you may be used to posting frequently. After you file a lawsuit, however, you may want to curb this kind of behavior. The reasons for this are simple: everything you post can be used against you. Find out how innocent social media musings may quickly turn your case into a no-win situation.

Things You Say

Status updates are one way you can let friends and family on social media know what is going on in your part of the world. Using this as a sounding board for issues that bother you, however, may backfire during a lawsuit. You may recap your case, believing it is just for your vetted friends. If someone comments and they do not have privacy settings, everyone can see your original post. Depending on what you say, it may be used to hamper your efforts at recovering for your injury.

Pictures You Take

When you snap a picture and post it, there are many things it can say to the court. First, it may help establish a timeline of where you are if it occurred before your injury. If it was after, it might show that you seem upbeat, happy, and mobile, which, if you claimed to be the opposite, may warrant a court to take a further look at your allegations. If your injury makes it hard to get around, then you should not post pictures showing you being active. It may lead the court to think you are exaggerating your claim.

Money You Spend

Your injury may have put you out of work for months, and you claim you are short on cash. If this is true, posting your restaurant reviews and upcoming trips may contradict what it is you are trying to say. The court will not give you much leeway if you try and say that those thoughts were formed before the accident or that money was from a friend.