If you’ve been injured and are applying for Social Security Disability Insurance, you may have seen numerous doctors in the process.

When a patient receives second and third opinions, or meets with specialists, some medical advice may differ. In your case, perhaps you decided not to follow one of the doctor’s treatment plans in order to do what another doctor said. Or perhaps you changed your plan after a certain treatment didn’t work or caused pain.

Such decisions are certainly understandable; however, you may be denied if your choice not to follow certain treatment plans shows up in your records.

If you’ve chosen one treatment plan over another, the best way to handle it with your claims adjuster is to submit:


    • complete and accurate medical documentation
    • a statement from your current doctor about how the medical advice or treatment plan you followed was the best choice for your condition or injury.


As you can probably tell, applying for SSD benefits is a tricky process. Denial is quite common and sometimes unavoidable. If you have been denied, you are allowed to appeal, and our experienced Memphis SSD / SSDI attorneys can help make that process go smoothly.