Last week I discussed the growing use of medical credit cards and how they can often hurt the very patients they’re meant to help.

Now some states are trying to pass strict regulations to help consumers make a wiser choice about medical credit.

Here are some of the rules they have in mind:


    • Require credit companies to give a clear description of the interest rate (which can go as high as 30%)
    • Also require them to tell consumers how to avoid interest and penalty fees
    • A three-day “cooling off” period, when consumers can decide to change their minds about taking out the credit
    • An appeals process for disputing claims when consumers believe they’ve been overcharged or misled


These simple regulations could go a long way to helping patients avoid abusive contracts.

Whether using medical credit cards, regular credit, or other forms of payment, health care can cause a lifetime of debt that follows you around wherever you go. One emergency could ruin your finances – but it doesn’t have to.

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