With the latest round of stimulus checks approved, many Americans will soon find themselves with an extra $1,400 on their hands. As a trusted bankruptcy lawyer, many Tennesseans have recently asked me how to best use this extra cash to help with their mounting debt. Should they use it to pay the minimum payments on their credit cards, pay down student loans, or save the check for some other use?

My advice is that, if you’re experiencing unstable finances for any reason, this stimulus check may be the ideal opportunity to finally free yourself of debt permanently by using it to file for bankruptcy.

How $1,400 could have life changing consequences.

$1,400 might sound like a lot of money. But after the hardships of last year, it unfortunately won’t even make a dent in the tenuous financial situations of many families. Up to 20 million Americans are behind on rent payments, and nearly six million of those expect to face evictions in the coming months. Not to mention the families who have had to endure an entire year, or more, of unemployment.

When you consider factors like that, it’s easy to wonder how $1,400 can really make a difference for you and your family’s financial future. How can the average American possibly get out of the financial mess that the coronavirus has created? The hard truth is that sometimes there is just no way to get out of serious debt on your own. But luckily, bankruptcy offers a lasting way out. Using your stimulus check to file for bankruptcy can help you get out of debt permanently.

This stimulus check can do so much more than pay a few bills.

Bankruptcy is an incredibly powerful tool. In fact, it was specifically designed to make sure everyone is entitled to a way out of debt. It can improve your life not only by offering you financial freedom, but also by protecting you from harassment from creditors. Unfortunately, many people have misunderstandings about bankruptcy, and may associate it with shame or a negative stigma. But trust me on this: bankruptcy is not the problem. It is the lasting solution you’ve been looking for. Over the last thirty years, I’ve watched bankruptcy transform the lives of hundreds of families for the better.

So instead of throwing that $1,400 stimulus payment away on a bill or credit card payment that’s going to continue to rack up interest, consider using the money to file for bankruptcy instead.

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Vaccines are finally being distributed, the world is opening back up, and the end of the pandemic is in sight. This is the perfect time to use your stimulus check to get out of debt and start living with a clean financial slate.

After filing, you can build back your credit stronger than ever, take care of your family and community without worry, and save for the things that matter most. I’ve helped thousands of people achieve freedom from debt and turn their lives around. I can do the same for you.

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