Are you in a situation where money is tight and you are struggling to pay the bills?  If so, don’t cut corners like the man in the following story.

Anthony Smith recently fell for a fake-payment scam.

Smith, raising a teenage son on his disability check, was told by someone in his neighborhood that a relative employed by the Shelby County Community Services Agency could get his $254 Memphis Light, Gas and Water (MLGW) bill paid off for only $125.  With money tight, Smith was intrigued.

Smith was cautious and asked the relative to pay the bill first.  She did and the payment was confirmed by MLGW.

Smith then met the woman in a convenience store parking lot at Park and Highland around midnight and gave the woman the $125.

Days after the exchange, Smith found out the original check used to pay the bill had bounced.  When Smith confronted the woman, she sent another check which bounced as well.

With his bill not paid, MLGW sent Smith a cutoff notice, forcing him to raid his emergency fund.  At this point, with a bounced check fee of $40, he owes a total of $419 with $125 down the drain.

“Yes, I’m embarrassed about it, and I know it was wrong on my end to take a shortcut,” Smith said.

Smith said he knows of two other people who had similar experiences.

There’s a lesson to be learned here.

Instead of taking shortcuts, talk to someone with experience who can offer you sound advice.

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