Most of us think of summer as a time of warm weather, family vacations, and adventures with friends. However, as a car accident TN lawyer, I know it is also the most dangerous time of year for car accidents. Though you might think the hazards of winter roads outweigh the moderate conditions of summertime, statistics prove otherwise. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), summertime is the most dangerous time to be on the road.

So, what is it about summer that increases the risk for drivers?

Below are some of the most common summer road hazards to stay aware of.

Common Summer Car Accident Hazards

More Driver Congestion

With kids out of school and families going on vacation, there are more people on roadways during the summer months. More driver congestion increases the likelihood of a car accident occurring. Also, more traffic can mean increased driver frustration which can lead to poor driver decisions and instances of road rage. In addition, vacationing drivers who are navigating unfamiliar roads can have more erratic and unpredictable driving habits.

More Construction

There is often more roadway construction in the summer. This allows crews to get as much done as possible before winter weather arrives.  But these work zones usually lead to detours and lane closures, which can cause heavy traffic and driver confusion. Traffic congestion, especially during rush hours, greatly increases the risk of rear-end accidents. Also, unexpected lane closures can catch people by surprise. This can lead drivers to become confused and even lose control. Distracted driving and tailgating are all too common during these instances, too, increasing the possibility of an accident.

Tire Blowouts

According to AAA, there are more tire blowouts in the summertime than any other time of year. The reason for this is hot weather, which causes the air within your tires to expand. If the tires are worn, they can blow due to this increased tire pressure. If they are under-inflated, your tires will heat up faster, increasing the chance of a blowout due to more rubber on the road and increased friction. The risk of a blown tire also increases at highway speeds, or with frequent braking and turning on hot pavement, which can lead to serious accidents.

Before you venture out on any extended car trip this summer, make sure to check your tread and tire pressure. In order to get an accurate tire pressure reading, check your tires when they are cold and make sure they are filled to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

More Teenage Drivers on the Road

There are many more teenage drivers on the road during summer months due to summer vacation. This means an increase in less-experienced drivers. Statistics show that teenagers are by far the most likely to be involved in a traffic accident compared to any other age group.

Motorcycles and Bicycles

Summer always means more bicyclists and motorcyclists are out and about. Each year, there are almost 1,000 fatal road accidents involving motorcycles or bicycles and cars. In the summer, it’s more important than ever for auto drivers to be extra aware of bicycles and motorcycles and do their best to share the roadways with them in a safe manner.

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