Surgery on the Wrong Site – What Goes Wrong?

It’s one of the most chilling types of medical malpractice: when a surgeon operates on the wrong site.

This refers to a horrible accident in which a hospital mixes up a person’s file, wrongly marks the surgery site, or otherwise fails the patient. As a result, the patient goes under the knife for the wrong thing. Examples:

  • Amputation of the wrong leg
  • Removal of the wrong testicle
  • Performing surgery on the wrong person entirely

You get the point.

It’s devastating even to type out these horrible accidents, let alone experience them. We go into surgery scared already, and this is one of the worst nightmares imaginable.

As a Memphis medical malpractice attorney, I’ve seen accidents like this. And I’ve met the doctors and staff responsible. I can assure you these tragedies are devastating for them, too.

It happens more at hospitals that are overworked and understaffed. We all tend to make more errors when we’re stressed. At other times, a total breakdown in the system causes the problem. If a hospital doesn’t enforce clear rules, tragedy can occur.

How to Recover After Surgery on the Wrong Site

No one wants this to happen. But when it does, who pays? With such an obvious injustice – one that can change you and your family’s life forever – how do you cover the losses? Who pays for the missed work, lost companionship, pain and suffering, and medical bills?

Doctors and hospitals have insurance exactly for moments like this. And their insurance companies have lawyers, because they know they have to protect themselves.

Do you have a lawyer in case something like this ever happens?

You want someone who is deeply compassionate and kind with you, but a bulldog with the insurance companies. You need someone who won’t stop fighting for you, who sees the injustice and refuses to rest until you get the compensation you need and deserve.

If you’ve experienced surgery on the wrong site, or if you think you’ve been the victim of medical malpractice, contact me today. The conversation is free.