Wage garnishment is something that can strike anyone who gets in over their head with debt. Even the most common debt can be taken straight from your paycheck, and it can leave a lot of Americans surprised and confused about their options.

Here are some of the most common debts people have garnished from their wages:

Wage Garnishment and Student Loans

If you default on your student loans, the government can actually take the money out of your earnings. And in fact, they usually don’t even need a court order.

That means you can lose 15% of your paycheck to student loans, even though you need that money to make ends meet.

I’ve written quite a bit about student loans on this blog, because it’s such a huge issue for so many Americans. If you’re struggling to afford your student loans, one option is to include them in a Chapter 13, which allows you to pay them off using an affordable plan. Our clients have also used bankruptcy to get rid of other debts and restructure their finances to make student loans manageable.

Wage Garnishment and Unpaid Income Taxes

If you’re behind on your taxes, both the federal government and state governments can garnish your wages. The laws about how much they can take can vary, according to your dependents and which state you live in.

This is another example of a wage garnishment that doesn’t need a court order. Fortunately, income tax is often dischargeable in bankruptcy. If needed, it can also be managed through affordable monthly payments set up by the courts.

Wage Garnishment and Child Support

Child support is treated differently from other debts in many ways. In Tennessee, a child support order automatically allows the court to take money straight from your paycheck. They can also garnish your wages at a much higher percentage than for other debts.

You often can’t entirely get rid of child support through bankruptcy, but you can certainly get a better handle on it and take care of your other debts, so it’s much more affordable.

Stop Wage Garnishment

In all three of these situations, our Memphis wage garnishment lawyers can help.

Don’t let wage garnishment ruin you and make your job miserable. Contact us today to stop your wage garnishment and get a fresh start. The conversation is free.