As a tax lawyer TN trusts, I’ve seen firsthand the devastating financial impacts COVID-19 has had on many Tennesseans. This year, a lot of folks are relying on their tax refund to try to make ends meet. But did you know your tax refund can be worth so much more than barely making a dent in your credit cards or a few outstanding bills?

Many don’t realize it, but if you’re one of the fortunate people expecting a tax refund this year, you can use it to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy offers lasting relief from debt, not just a temporary holdover. If you’ve got any kind of significant debt, filing for bankruptcy is one of the best ways to use your tax refund.

Filing for bankruptcy can make the biggest difference possible for your future.

Let me show you how your tax refund can be worth more than what’s written on the check:

Let’s say you have $5,000 in credit card debt, with a 15% interest rate. And let’s say you can’t pay it back. At the minimum payments, that could take you more than ten years to pay off — a sobering figure. The worst part is, even if you’re making regular payments, the interest will continue to grow over time. Plus, if you can’t pay, you’ll have to deal with fees and fines as well. Now, pretend you take your tax return this year and you put it toward what you owe on your credit card, but it doesn’t quite pay it off. Well, those fees and interest will continue to grow, and pretty soon, you could find yourself in a similar position as before.

But if you use this year’s refund to file for bankruptcy instead, you could put a permanent end to your debt — right now.

When you’re out of debt, there are no more interest fees. No more calls from credit lenders harassing you. No more dealing with the fear of losing your car or your home. If this sounds good to you, then you should speak with one of our tax lawyers TN trusts. The consultation is absolutely free.

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Using your tax refund to file for bankruptcy can get you out of debt permanently and give you the fresh start you really need. My team has helped hundreds of people go from constant financial stress to being able to go back to school, save for retirement, and help their communities.

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