It’s tax season, and that means many Tennesseans are looking forward to receiving and spending their tax refund. I know most Americans rely on these annual refunds to pay for everything from past-due credit card debt to new dinner plates. But what many people don’t realize is that they can use that refund to do so much more than pay a few bills – they can use it to achieve total financial freedom. As a tax return bankruptcy lawyer Memphis trusts, I believe if you have significant debt of any kind, filing for bankruptcy is one of the best uses of your tax return.

Three reasons to use your tax refund to file for bankruptcy.

For many people, the concept of bankruptcy can be a scary one. But this is mostly because of myths and misconceptions. As someone who has seen the power of bankruptcy again and again, I find these misunderstandings unfortunate, since bankruptcy can be a lifeline for those who are unable to pay off their debts.

If you’re struggling with debt and are expecting a refund this tax season, don’t be afraid of the myths. Here are three reasons why using your tax refund to file for bankruptcy can be the best choice for you and your family’s financial future.

1. Stop the harassment.

If you’re in debt, you know all too well that creditors are empowered by law to call and harass you. The good news is, when bankruptcy is filed, an automatic stay goes into effect. This means creditors can’t contact you or try to collect their debt. No more harassing phone calls, foreclosures, or garnishments. All legal action against you will stop, which means you get a chance to catch your breath and focus on a fresh financial start. 

2. Leave the stress behind.

Whether you’re afraid of the repo man taking your car in the middle of the night, or are worrying over mounting credit card debt – it’s impossible to get a good night’s sleep when unpaid bills are piling up. The stress of debt affects your sleep, and sleep is very important to your overall health. While a lot of folks discuss the financial benefits of filing for bankruptcy, the enormous health benefits are often overlooked. Stress and lack of sleep caused by debt can increase your risk of cancer, heart disease, and mental health issues. Bankruptcy is not only good for your financial health, it can be good for your entire physical and mental well-being.

3. Create a new beginning

A lot of people have the misconception that bankruptcy is a failure – a giving up, an ending. But in truth, bankruptcy is the gift of a new beginning. It isn’t always easy, but with bankruptcy, so many dreams can become possible once again — the house you’ve always hoped for, or your child’s college education. Throughout my 30+ years as a bankruptcy lawyer TN trusts, I’ve met countless determined people who have used bankruptcy to save their homes, repair relationships, send their kids to school, and achieve so many more incredible feats they previously thought were out of their reach.   

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