Does Project-Based or Temporary Workers’ Comp Protect You?

Temporary workers’ comp can protect people in a variety of industries, including short-term projects like special events, live theatre, and sports. 

But if you’re working under this kind of protection, does it really cover you? And what rights do you have if you’re injured on the job during a short-term project?

What Does Temporary Workers’ Comp Cover?

Project-based workers’ comp usually only covers the people working on short-term events. It functions like any other workers’ comp policy. The only difference is that employers only buy it for a specific event or amount of time, and then it expires. 

So just like regular workers’ comp, it covers any employee who gets injured on the job. It allows you to get medical care, receive reimbursement for missed wages, and take the time you need to recover. 

What Short-Term Workers’ Comp Won’t Cover

Workers’ comp doesn’t cover a few important things.

First, it only protects people injured on the job. The venue will usually carry a separate liability insurance that covers attendees and people using the property for non-work.

Second, it likely won’t protect independent contractors. Generally under workers’ comp law, independent contractors have to get their own workers’ comp insurance or cover their risks through personal health insurance. This may differ in some states, but in our home state of Tennessee, workers’ comp only covers official employees.

Lastly, it won’t cover volunteer workers. For example, let’s say you have a number of volunteer friends and family helping to set up for a wedding. If they happen to get injured during the course of their work, they would need to pursue compensation through the venue’s liability insurance.

Are These Short-Term Coverage Plans Legit?

While this type of worker’s comp may be rare in most industries, it can be extremely helpful for certain kinds of business that depend on short-term work. For example:

  • film shoots
  • live theater
  • music tours
  • large-term sporting events
  • and more.

For some of these projects, large companies will hire staff as employees, even under a short-term agreement. And in that case, they have to provide some form of workers’ compensation.

Generally speaking, these are perfectly acceptable policies. But for smaller businesses, sometimes the project manager will choose a lower liability option or low-reputation companies in order to save on costs. If you have concerns about a policy’s legitimacy, you can ask for proof of insurance from your employer and research the company yourself.

The Real Problem with Workers’ Comp

Unfortunately, no matter what type of policy, plenty of people who need workers’ comp find out the hard way they can’t get it.

This has become a huge problem in our home state of Tennessee: after a devastating injury, employees injured on the job face stonewalling and silence from the very companies that are supposed to protect them.

So what can you do if you need workers’ comp and can’t get it?

As a Memphis workers’ comp lawyer, the first rule is don’t give up. They only stonewall you to intimidate you and hope you’ll go away. Even if they ignore you or refuse to give you the care you need, don’t give up. 

Personally, I don’t think every employee injured at work should have to get a lawyer for workers’ comp. We should be able to rely on the companies who claim to protect us. But under Tennessee law as it stands, more and more people are having trouble getting the bare minimum from their employer’s policy.

If that’s your situation, we’re here to help you get the compensation you need and deserve so you can recover, get back to work, and continue a long and full life.

An Attorney Who Will Fight for Your Memphis Workers’ Comp Claim

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