Lyft Accident Lawyer MemphisRecently politicians have been talking about streamlining the Tennessee drunk driving laws. Tennessee Safety Commissioner Bill Gibbons has been pushing for clearer, less complicated rules with stronger enforcement.

In discussing this need, another issue came to light: the way people in power try to influence the justice system, including when drunk driving is involved.

Gibbons has received calls from politicians and powerful people whose relatives or close friends were arrested for drunk driving. They asked him to drop or reduce the charges against their buddies; and they reminded him that they have a lot of control over his budget.

In both cases, Gibbons claims he went through with the prosecution and the alleged drunk drivers were convicted.

Power is so corrupting that it’s no surprise powerful people believe they can get away with anything. The system is often on their side: they have the huge insurance company, the expensive attorneys, and the ability to call people like Gibbons and try to convince him to help them.

Fortunately, not all politicians will do whatever their powerful friends tell them. We can only hope that Gibbons is being truthful and has not ever altered a charge because of threats from political bullies.

But if you’ve been hurt by drunk driving, you can fight back. Get a great car accident attorney who will make sure he or she holds the drunk driver accountable. After all, if you’ve been injured or killed by someone in a drunk driving accident, you deserve no less than complete justice.

In the end, having stronger enforcement against drunk driving isn’t just better for the rest of us. It’s better for these powerful people who think they’re above the law. As Gibbons said, sometimes these bigwigs will call back later and thank him for helping get their relative’s life back on the right track.

If you’ve been injured in a drunk driving accident, contact our attorneys today to discuss your case at no charge.