If you are a parent caring for a foster child or an adopted child, there’s something you need to know.

As a Tennessee newborn opioid addiction lawyer, I’m going to tell you something  that may be hard to hear. More and more children are entering the foster care system in Tennessee due to the opioid crisis. Babies and young children are separated from parents and family members who struggle with addiction to these dangerous drugs.

Often, these children are also addicted to the very same substances their parents use. Exposure to drugs while in the womb or breastfeeding causes this kind of addiction. The child plunges into withdrawal like any other addict when suddenly cut off from these drugs once born or weaned from breastfeeding. This intense withdrawal can lead to Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, or NAS.

Severe Opioid Withdrawal Can Cause NAS in Infants

NAS is a group of agonizing symptoms seen in infants whose mothers have taken opioids while breastfeeding or pregnant. NAS includes both short and long-term symptoms in a child. Initial symptoms may include blotchy skin, refusing to feed, shaking, or trembling. Even worse, some babies with NAS experience seizures, vomiting, sweating, and other symptoms of withdrawal that are common among drug users.

The long-term symptoms may include learning disabilities, mental illness, impaired motor skills, developmental delays, and other serious conditions.

As a Tennessee newborn opioid addiction lawyer, I want you to know that neither you nor your child suffering through NAS should be responsible for the costs of lifetime medical care treating   NAS requires.


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