By: Darrell Castle

The possibility of you, or any driver, waking up in a car accident is scary and real. According to a November 2014 study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 1 in 5 fatal car accidents involve a drowsy driver.

A lack of sleep reduces your ability to process information, pay attention and have accurate motor control, and it also slows your reaction time. These are all important driving skills. In this infographic, we outline what you need to know about the dangers of drowsy driving, and then we discuss these statistics in depth below.

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Warning Signs of Drowsy Driving

Statistics show that drivers who get less than 8 hours of sleep nightly are more likely to have a wreck than those who get 8 hours or more of sleep per night. Teenagers need even more sleep than that to be fully alert behind the wheel.

Besides the hours of sleep you get each night, there are several signs that can indicate if you’re too drowsy to be driving. Some of the warning signs of drowsy driving include:

  • Yawning excessively
  • Your eyelids feel heavy and you’re blinking a lot 
  • You keep missing your turns
  • You nearly rear-end a driver in front of you
  • You hear your tires drift onto the shoulder
  • You don’t remember the last few miles you drove