Over the past few years, Johnson & Johnson has been embroiled in contentious litigation regarding their products’ link to cancer. As a Memphis product injury lawyer, I’ve taken on many big cases like this and won, and, judging from the most recent updates on J&J, we’re in for a fight.

As of early January, J&J is defending tens of thousands lawsuits from victims who claim the company’s talc products caused their cancers. We already knew the products could be connected to ovarian cancer, but recently there have been significant developments related to asbestos.

In its natural form, talc — a key ingredient in J&J’s baby powder — sometimes contains asbestos, a substance linked to lung cancer.

As part of the current litigation process, J&J has had to turn over thousands of internal documents. Some reveal that not only did the company know its baby powder contained talc, it also had knowledge, very early, that some products contained asbestos. Here are some key numbers to know about this big, and awful, revelation.


The number of lawsuits Johnson & Johnson is currently defending.


The first year the company learned of the presence of asbestos in its products.


The year the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrances Association (CTFA) established new voluntary guidelines, pushing manufacturers to test talc-based cosmetic products to ensure they are asbestos-free.

Plaintiffs are Already Winning Lawsuits Against the Big Company

There’s another important number to consider — the number of successful lawsuits.

Last year, juries in New Jersey and California awarded large settlements to mesothelioma patients, who believe asbestos-tainted talc products from Johnson & Johnson are what caused their cancer.

These cases are complicated, and the big companies won’t back down without a fight. You need an experienced Memphis product injury lawyer on your side.

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