If you’re thinking about filing for bankruptcy, what should you look for in a potential attorney? As a bankruptcy attorney Memphis TN has trusted for over 30 years, there’s one thing I know every single client needs from the lawyer they choose:

They need that person to be available to them.

Now that might sound simple. Of course, if you’ve hired someone as your bankruptcy lawyer, he or she will be there for you, right?

But sadly that’s just not always true. We have people come in to see us all the time whose first attorney let them down. They couldn’t get their lawyer to answer the simplest questions, even when their homes and cars were on the line.

This is simply unacceptable, and while it always comes as a surprise, there are some red flags you can use to avoid it.

5 Ways to Know You’re Choosing the Right Bankruptcy Lawyer

1. Does the firm get back to you quickly when you first contact them?

From your very first call, the lawyer and their firm should show how you matter to them. They should answer your call or your contact form quickly and respectfully. They should have an appointment available at your earliest convenience, and they should get back to you immediately if you have questions or concerns.

2. Do they give you easy ways to reach them?

Your attorney or someone from their office should be available by phone, email, and online. They should have an answering service set up after hours. Basically, you should never worry that your message has reached your lawyer, and you should never have to wait long to hear back from them.

3. Do they have great reviews and a good reputation around town?

If a bankruptcy lawyer has done a good job for their clients, you should hear about it. They should have good reviews and testimonials online, and they might have even won awards for their service.

4. Do you like and trust them and their staff?

You should choose an attorney you like and trust. Sometimes you might not meet your bankruptcy attorney at your very first meeting, but you can tell a lot from their staff and the way they treat you. Are they kind? Patient? Are they the kinds of people you could call if something goes wrong? This will be the team that handles your debt for you – you should feel safe in their hands.

5. Do they show they care about you for the long-term?

A lot of clients report to us that their former attorney cared about them right up until money changed hands. Then they disappeared. You want the opposite. Look for an attorney who cares about your life after bankruptcy, who helps you rebuild your credit, and who wants to set you up for success. A lawyer like that won’t let you down right in the middle of your case.

Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney Memphis TN Trusts

Our team offers all of the above and more. We are so proud to serve the people of Memphis with care and compassion. In fact, we’ve even won multiple awards for our client service.

At our firm, you will never feel like just a number. We see our clients through every moment of their struggles, and we help you rebuild after a bankruptcy.

We offer a free credit course to improve your credit to an A rating and a free report called Life After Bankruptcy to help answer your biggest questions. And for those who qualify, we even make it easier to afford a Chapter 7 bankruptcy by offering it for no money down.

You deserve a real chance and an attorney who will fight for you every step of the way. So contact me today to get started. The conversation is free, no strings attached.