Across America, everyone’s afraid to talk about money.

We barely know how much debt we have, let alone our friends and neighbors.

Some of us use credit cards to go to fancy dinners or get the latest gadget, not because we’re selfish or greedy, but because we fear looking poor in front of friends and family.

Young people feel shame over moving back in with their parents, even though student loans are so common that it’s become a cultural norm. In reality, many recent graduates are being very wise by living with family for a time, because it allows them to save right as those loan payments come due.

And every day, struggling middle class families feel some sort of shame over waiting to buy a car, or not being able to afford a house, or having too little space.

No wonder so many Americans sense the system is rigged against them! It’s harder and harder for the middle class to survive without debt, but the messaging from entertainment, advertising, and politicians is that if we just work hard enough and buy into the latest stuff, we’ll end up with mansions and yachts. It’s simply not true, and it’s hurting us all.

Debt is the dirty secret no one’s talking about. Secretly, we’re a nation falling apart under student loans, mortgage payment, unpaid bills, and paycheck-to-paycheck budgets.

But when the economy and government both fail us, when health care costs skyrocket and college becomes unaffordable, we aren’t the ones who should be ashamed.

I don’t believe we should ever live in shame. As a Memphis bankruptcy lawyer, I help clients with these feelings a lot. In fact shame comes up so often, I’ve created new ways to address it:

  • At my firm, we go over and beyond to help our clients through every possible problem. We don’t shame you, lecture you, forget about you, or give up on you when things get tough.
  • I published a free report on what the Bible says about debt. It’s our most popular publication, and it’s a topic I’ve studied for years.
  • Our team shows kindness and respect for every client in our office, including a warm smile and complimentary beverage when you arrive.
  • We work hard to help every client rebuild their lives, including helping you restore your credit to an A rating, even after a bankruptcy.

Don’t let feelings of shame over your finances hold you back any longer. Get a fresh start with a Memphis bankruptcy firm that’s dedicated to your recovery.

Contact me today to talk about your situation, absolutely free.