If you’re a millennial, I want to talk to you about a cruel experiment we’ve been playing on you. The experiment is called “How much debt can millennials carry over the course of their lifetime?”

We’ve run this experiment on you in the following ways:

Higher education

You’re constantly told higher education is the only way to advancement. And in many ways, it’s true.

This was never the case for my generation. I paid my way through college relatively easily with a part-time job. It was $243/semester for law school. And there were opportunities waiting when I finished.

Today, your degree is worth less but costs more. You’re told you have to take out the loan, you’re promised a great living for it, and then when the promise turns out to be a lie, you’re offered almost no options for getting out of that debt.

It’s dishonest and cruel. My generation doesn’t do you any favors when we pretend you have it easy.