For kids, Halloween is one of the most exciting nights of the year. They get to be a superhero or Disney princess just for one night. That means staying up past their bedtime, running around the neighborhood, and eating a little more candy than is usually allowed.

But Halloween can also be dangerous. It’s certainly an anxiety-provoking evening for parents. Increased foot traffic always brings a greater risk of injury. Every year, thousands of pedestrian deaths happen on holidays. As a personal injury lawyer Memphis TN trusts, I want you and your family to enjoy this holiday. With the tips below and some careful planning, we’re sure you’ll have a very Happy Halloween.

Key Things to Consider for Halloween Safety


Some costumes pose more risks to a child’s safety than others. I suggest you consider the following when picking a costume for your son or daughter.

  • Is it fire-resistant?
  • Is it visible? If it doesn’t have bright colors, add reflective tape — available at Home Depot or hardware stores — or headlamps.
  • Is it the right size?
  • Does it have props? If so, are they safe? If using a sword, for example, make sure it’s not too sharp.
  • Is it vision-impairing? Opt for face paint instead of masks when possible.


You can never be too cautious, and sadly, there are a number of safety issues with candy every Halloween. Here’s my advice.

  • Don’t open or eat any of the candy until you’re home and have a chance to inspect it.
  • Check every piece to make sure it’s factory sealed and unopened.
  • Discard any rotten or suspicious-looking candy.

Remember, homemade treats are never a good idea, unless you personally know the baker.

Driving Safety

Halloween is one of those times when it’s best to avoid driving if at all possible. But should you find yourself behind the wheel, you’ll want to take additional precautions in residential neighborhoods, given the increased foot traffic. Remember these quick tips:

  • Drive slowly, especially on residential roads.
  • Pay extra attention at crosswalks and while backing out of driveways.
  • Avoid distractions.
  • Use headlights, even before sunset.

Talk to a personal injury lawyer Memphis TN trusts

I hope these tips will help your family enjoy a safe Halloween. But if your trick-or-treater is injured, I am here for you. Our lawyers are known for our compassion — and our results — and we will fight for you to get the compensation you deserve.

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