Last year many folks had to spend the holiday season apart from family and friends. Thankfully, this year is a different story and a lot of people are already making big plans for the holidays to make up for lost time. But, big plans can wreak havoc on your finances if you’re not careful. As a TN debt lawyer Memphis trusts, I know one of the biggest temptations to overspend this season is Black Friday.

Holiday deals can be hard to resist. But companies who advertise Black Friday “steals” don’t have your best interest at heart. They are actively encouraging you to take on debt so they make a profit, and more often than not, their “deals” aren’t really deals at all.

Don’t fall into the debt trap of Black Friday.

A recent survey found that overspending on Black Friday causes regret, stress, and serious financial consequences for a large percentage of shoppers. Even people who enter Black Friday with a budget in mind tend to go far above what they intended to spend. This leaves them in debt that takes months, if not years, to pay off.

And if you’re already struggling with significant debt, holiday spending can become impossible to crawl out of.

Credit cards are not the answer.

Many people turn to credit cards to make their holiday purchases, even if they’re already carrying debt. In fact, the average household in Tennessee already carries $5,688 in credit card debt.

You might try to justify overspending by telling yourself you’re just trying to provide your family with a happy holiday. But as a TN debt lawyer, I can tell you additional debt will only add stress to the holidays for both you and your family.

If you’re struggling with debt, don’t dig yourself in deeper this Black Friday. Instead, give your family the gift that can truly change their lives: a fresh financial start with bankruptcy.

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