We often think of slip and fall accidents as being connected to cold weather. But as a TN slip and fall lawyer for over 30 years, I can tell you that as the weather heats up and we return to outdoor activities, injuries from slip and falls are just as common.

It’s estimated that more than three million Americans seek treatment for slip and fall injuries every year, and the National Safety Council (NSC) reported that more than 39,000 Americans died as a result of slip and falls in 2019. These types of accidents can be especially dangerous for certain demographics, like the elderly and toddlers. Taking this into consideration, I’ve outlined some common summertime slip and fall hazards to be wary of. As more folks head outside to enjoy summertime activities with their family and friends, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

5 Summertime Slip and Fall Hazards

1. Pools

There’s nothing like a swim on a hot day. But it doesn’t take much for a day at the pool to turn dangerous. Many surfaces around pools and summer recreational facilities are wet, and quite often there are tripping hazards lying on surfaces, like pool toys. Public pools often have signs posted asking users to walk, not run, near the water. But this is an essential step for homeowners, too.

Safety Tip: Use extra caution and safety while at a pool. Walk instead of run on the pool deck, and encourage children to walk calmly when getting out of the water or preparing for a cannonball.

2. Sprinklers

Though most yard owners run their sprinklers to help their grass grow, or for the enjoyment of young children, these garden tools can often lead to wet driveways and sidewalks. Though we all know it’s possible to slip on wet grass and usually not sustain serious injuries, wet concrete is another story. A sudden fall can lead to a serious head injury, as well as broken bones and fractures.

Safety Tip: Take it slow and move with caution if you’re walking by or on a slick surface. Also, if you’re the one watering your lawn, be mindful about when and how often you run your sprinklers.

3. Flip Flops

Although flip flops may be a great fashion statement in warmer weather, their lack of stability can leave you more likely to slip or trip. Often when flip flops get wet, they can become slick leaving you at higher risk for not only blisters, but ankle sprains or fractures.

Safety Tip: When it comes to a day at the pool or river, it is always better to opt for a closed-toe option with a better grip.

4. Boats and Docks

Just like walking on a wet pool deck poses a risk, being on a slippery dock or getting into a boat can be dangerous, often with much worse consequences. In this scenario, you are at risk of both a slip and fall injury and of drowning should the slip cause you to fall into the water.

Safety Tip: Be extra careful when you’re on a dock. If you’re stepping into or out of a boat, stabilize yourself before doing so.

5. Tourist Attractions

Now that Tennessee is opening up post-pandemic, we’re all able to return to some of our favorite summertime tourist spots. But places like sports arenas, zoos, and outdoor concerts come with their own set of potential hazards. However, the difference between the hazards at these businesses and the ones at your home is that they have a responsibility to alert patrons to potential dangers.

Safety Tip: Busy tourist attractions can have many slip and fall hazards. So walk slowly,  stay alert, and encourage small children to do the same.

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