The Christmas tree is a symbol that has positive meaning for so many of us. It represents togetherness, the holidays, and the deeper meaning of Christmas.

Many of us are shopping for or have already decorated the perfect Christmas tree. It’s a beautiful reminder of our families’ traditions, especially during one of the most isolated holiday seasons we’ve ever experienced.

But as a personal injury attorney TN trusts, I know that without certain important safety precautions, even the most beautiful Christmas tree can quickly become a fire hazard.

Christmas Trees Can Become Fire Hazards

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), fire departments across the United States respond to an average of 200 Christmas tree fires per year.

Some fires are more dangerous than others, and Christmas tree fires are among the deadliest. Data from the NFPA found that one in 52 home fires caused by Christmas trees resulted in a fatality.

It’s not hard to see why: a recent demonstration by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission showed how a tree can become completely engulfed in flames within seconds, rapidly setting fire to everything in its path.

What Causes a Christmas Tree Fire?

According to the National Fire Protection Association’s recent four-year study, 44% of the home fires involving Christmas trees were fueled by electrical problems.

Another leading cause was the proximity between a heat source and the tree, such as a candle, fireplace, or heating equipment. 25% of home Christmas tree fires were caused from problems related to overly close heat sources.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent Christmas tree home fires.

Top Home Christmas Tree Fire Prevention Tips

As a personal injury attorney TN relies on, your safety is my biggest priority. I hope that the tips below will help you and your family celebrate a wonderful Christmas this holiday season.

  • Pick a fresh tree. Select a tree with fresh, green needles that don’t fall when touched. If needles fall off, it may indicate that the tree has dried out.
  • Make sure the trunk is sticky to touch. This is another good indicator that the tree is fresh and not too dry.
  • Once it’s home, water your tree daily.
  • Do not use string lights with worn or broken cords.
  • Always turn off your Christmas tree lights before leaving the house or going to bed.
  • While nothing tops the smell of fresh pine, an artificial tree is a great pick from the standpoint of fire safety, so long as it’s been labeled by the manufacturer as fire retardant.
  • Location Matters. Keep your tree at least three feet from any heat source, including fireplaces, radiators, and candles.
  • Don’t keep it too long. Live trees should not be left up longer than two weeks. Once your tree starts dropping needles, it’s time to get rid of it.
  • Remember that dried-out trees are an especially dangerous fire hazard. They should not be left in your house or garage, or propped up against the walls outside.

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