Big truck accidents and driver’s negligence


Semi hauling chickens, RV, car crash on I-24W in Ky.

3 Die In Semi Truck Accident On Eastern Shore

Woman Struck By Semi Flown To Hospital

Straight out of what seems like a bad dream, these are actual headlines from the last month. Semi trucks are unfortunately in the news far too often, making headlines for fiery, fatal crashes on our interstate system.

The negligence of a few drivers has given a bad name to the truck driving industry. Data from the International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion shows that tractor-trailer accidents cause 8 percent of all US highway traffic crashes, and 11 percent of all fatal road crashes. With millions of people on the road, this amounts to around 14,000 crashes and 16,000 people injured in a five year period.

Along with these devastatingly large numbers, the crash also impacts several other secondary victims, including unharmed drivers, families of fatal victims and many more. The full reach of a wreck caused by a tractor trailer is nearly untraceable, but the damage caused in each wreck is without a doubt overwhelming.

The cause of these wrecks is often debated, but is commonly linked to driver negligence or excessive speeds. And with strict deadlines and increased productivity demands, speeding may be the only means for these drivers to maintain expectations set by their companies.

This dangerous trend of tightening deadlines on the company’s part puts the lives of the driver and those traveling around the semi in critical danger. Not only are the productivity quotas a contributing factor to stress for the driver, but can lead to aggressive driving and road rage. In addition to the hazards of stress driving, these increased productivity rules the drivers are tasked with often have strict deadlines, which lead drivers to drive without being fully rested, ignoring the regulations of rest that are set for them.

A fully loaded semi truck traveling at excessive speed and under these less than ideal conditions paints a stark picture at just how helpless the average motorist can feel moments before a major accident.

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