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A Tragic TN Wrongful Death Truck Driving Case: What We Can Learn

A recent tragedy out of Tennessee shows what can happen if a drunk driver causes a truck accident.

These cases are unspeakably sad and totally preventable. Everyone involved and their surviving loved ones need enormous support.

The legal ramifications will impact multiple families. And they require excellent wrongful death attorneys who understand the law.

What Happened

The accident occurred in East Tennessee, in Kingsport, not far from where I grew up. A group of men got a flat tire on I-81 and pulled their van over to fix it. Five people got out to work on the tire, and three people stayed inside.

While fixing it, an 18-wheeler truck driver crossed the median and hit them, killing four of the five men.

Often with an accident like this, the trucking company may be at fault. The driver might be terribly sleep-deprived or have a defect in the truck beyond their control.

This situation was different and extremely uncommon: in this case, the driver was drunk. 

Memphis TN lawyer for truck accidents and drunk drivingHow a Truck Accident Drunk Driver Case Is Different

In personal injury, there’s a difference between wrongful death civil cases and criminal cases.

If the driver had just fallen asleep, this would likely be a civil case alone. It’s not criminal to fall asleep, and in some cases it might even be the company’s fault. 

But the added and outrageous decision to drink led to a series of criminal charges:

  • Vehicle Homicide by Intoxication (4 counts)
  • Reckless Aggravated Assault
  • Felony Reckless Endangerment
  • Driving Under the Influence in a Commercial Vehicle
  • Failure to Exercise Due Care

However, a case like this also has a civil element. Wrongful death applies when anyone’s negligence or wrongdoing causes someone’s death.

Growing up, my brothers were truck drivers. I have a deep respect for this profession, and we depend on truck drivers with our lives. That’s certainly the case with most drivers, including my brothers. So when it goes wrong — or in this case, when someone does the worst — it’s critical we hold the person accountable.

Darrell Castle downtown Memphis attorneyWorking with Our Attorneys On Your Truck Accident Case

A truck accident drunk driver crash may be rare, but it does happen. And sadly, all sorts of truck driving accidents happen all the time, for a variety of complicated reasons.

If you or a loved one is injured in a truck accident, you need someone who understands all the laws around it. These accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and losses. You deserve a competent, experienced lawyer who will put you and your family first.

For decades, our law firm has represented people in the darkest days of their lives. We fight for you with compassion and respect, and we never back down. That’s how we’ve received multiple awards for client satisfaction.

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