The ice storm this January 2023 is really taking a toll on civilians in Memphis. On a routine Tuesday morning and while drivers were commuting to work, a total of twelve cars slid and crashed into each other on the icy Third Street. Thankfully no drivers were critically injured, and just five drivers were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. Year in and year out, we must prepare for the variations of winter weather in Memphis, and we are all very familiar with the necessary caution on icy streets and highways.

It’s inevitably understandable as to why schools and businesses remain shut down even after the bulk of a snow storm has blown over. A slightly icy road can be equally as dangerous and risky as a completely iced-over road. There is simply no way to calculate the amount of risk while you are out and about during or after a winter storm. These drivers in the Tuesday morning pileup could have all likely been extremely cautious while driving. Yet, given it was the early hours of the morning, there’s a good chance the ice was still fresh from nighttime. Nonetheless, we all want to carry on with our day-to-day lives despite current obstacles. And it’s too easy to assume that we ourselves would never end up being the victim of any type of accident.  

Because we must face the unpredictabilities of living our lives day-in and day-out, it is in your best interest to consider a Memphis personal injury lawyer when you may find yourself as a victim of an accident such as a car crash on an icy street – or again, any kind of accident. Whether it’s a car accident, an injury related to your current working conditions, or being a bystander in any other hapless accident, at Darrell Castle & Associates, we completely understand that even the most cautious, self-aware civilians can find themselves in a very unfortunate circumstance.

And while these victims of this Tuesday morning car pileup only faced minor injuries, the healthcare and hospital stay are still large expenses. Whether critical or not, you as a victim of an accident deserve the utmost care and compensation for your recovery process. In an accident such as this one, it is still easily emotionally taxing to cope with while overcoming your injuries. The nature of an unexpected physical accident is frightening, daunting, and just difficult to overcome. 

Hiring a mindful and passionate attorney to handle the legal steps of your personal injury will ultimately protect you throughout your recovery process. You should not bear any responsibility or burden of the financial requirements that follow a hospital stay after an accident that was not your fault. Additionally, we are more than happy to give you a free consultation of your personal injury case, should your minor injuries ultimately cost less or similar to the potential lawyer fees.

When you find yourself with as a victim with personal injury in an accident, contact our offices so that we can explore all options of compensation that you deserve.