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Starting in October, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) will add a new safety warning to the caps of Extra Strength Tylenol.

The message will alert users that the popular over-the-counter drug contains acetaminophen, which has been linked to acute liver failure. Acetaminophen overdose is the number one cause of liver failure in the US.

According to the Associated Press, the new warning will read: “Contains Acetaminophen” and “Always Read the Label.”

But the bottles already display a warning that Tylenol contains acetaminophen and poses liver risks. So why the new addition?

J&J is most likely trying to cut back on their liability with this incredibly dangerous product. Thousands of people have already reported serious liver damage from using Tylenol, and the company is facing millions of dollars in lawsuits for acute liver failure and even death after using it.

As for J&J’s new warning label, I only wish they could add two or three more.

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