A valsartan lawsuit lawyer Tennessee trusts is taking on personal injury cases for heart medicine linked to cancer.

If you have taken a medication containing recalled valsartan between 2014 and now, even for as few as thirty days, then developed cancer a year or more later, you need a valsartan lawsuit lawyer Tennessee trusts.

Valsartan is the active ingredient in several medicines that treat heart failure and high blood pressure. Recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a voluntary recall of certain types of these medications after testing revealed the presence of NDMA, a dangerous carcinogen.

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A potent and dangerous carcinogen is at fault.

NDMA (N-nitrosodimethylamine), a carcinogen that may cause cancer in humans, is the culprit for the recall. Additionally, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, NDMA is part of “a family of potent carcinogens” called N-ni- trosamines.

Although NDMA is a chemical that sometimes forms in natural process, it is most widely used for industrial purposes. Specifically, the production of liquid rocket fuel, additives for lubricants, antioxidants, and softeners for copolymers all use NDMA. As you can see, this is not something you want in your body.

In fact, NDMA-tainted valsartan medications are thought to be linked to the following cancers:

  • liver cancer
  • lung cancer
  • colorectal cancer
  • kidney cancer

Furthermore, you don’t need to ingest much NDMA to be in harm’s way. Studies show that taking medication containing the NDMA-tainted valsartan for as little as thirty days may put you at risk.

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