Veterans’ Social Security Disability Insurance Process Now Expedited

In this video, Memphis SSDI attorney Darrell Castle explains the recent decision by the US government to expedite veterans’ Social Security Disability Insurance claims.



Hello, I’m Darrell Castle. I’m an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Tennessee. And on this video today I’m talking about Social Security Disability Insurance, and a little bit about how to get it—especially if you’re a veteran.

We have some good news from the Veterans’ Administration and Social Security Administration. If you’re a veteran and you’ve been declared by the VA to be 100% permanently disabled, the Social Security Disability Administration will expedite your applications.

It’ll go faster—that doesn’t mean it’ll be automatically accepted, but it does mean your application will go faster.

In fact, about 65% of people who apply for Social Security Disability insurance are rejected on the first application. They’re denied disability status.

But the good news is, the majority of that 65% are accepted once they appeal, if they have an attorney. You have 60 days from the day you get a denial letter, if you get one, to file an appeal.

You’ve already tried it your way on the application, and it didn’t work. You were rejected, so on appeal I suggest you get a lawyer. Get a lawyer who’s experienced in Social Security Disability insurance applications, and you’ll have a much better chance of getting accepted. That’s the way it works.

But for veterans, if you are 100% permanently disabled according to the VA, your application will be expedited, or done faster. I’m a veteran and I feel for those folks, so I’m happy they’re doing that.

It takes a while to have your disability insurance application processed through the system. That’s just the way it is: there’s a big backlog in every government bureaucracy now, and this is just one more of them.

But it will go much faster once you are rejected (if you are) if you have an attorney to do the application. Remember that’s within 60 days.

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For civilians and veterans, Social Security Disability Insurance can be a confusing process to navigate. However, our attorneys will help build a strong appeal, and we don’t make a penny unless you do. Even then, we’re only paid from a fraction of your past due payments.

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