How Garnishment Affects Waiters, Cab Drivers, and Other Hospitality Workers

When an employer receives notice of a wage garnishment, it means they have to take a certain percentage out of their employee’s paycheck. They absolutely have to comply, or they can be held in contempt of court. But what happens when the notice demands a wage garnishment on tipped workers?

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In my home state of Tennessee, the law clearly says wage garnishment doesn’t apply to tips. This protects workers because:

  1. The employer doesn’t always know how much a person gets tipped.
  2. Tipped workers already experience instability because they can’t predict their wages.
  3. Some employers, sadly, might try to take advantage of the situation and skim from the tips.

Instead of tips, wage garnishment comes out of the regular wages a person earns through his or her employer. For wait staff and other tipped workers, these wages can fall well below minimum wage because tips make up the difference (at least in theory).

When you’re working for pennies, any amount deducted can be devastating. I know that, because as a Memphis bankruptcy attorney, I’ve helped stop wage garnishment on tipped workers for years.

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