New Years Eve tends to result in an increase in drinking and driving.  Don’t drink and drive and if you find yourself, or a loved one, injured by a drunk driver, seek legal help.



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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Darrell Castle. I’m an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Tennessee and today is December 31, 2013. It’s New Years Eve in other words and I’m making this video because I’m very concerned about people who might be driving tonight on New Years Eve, especially young people.

Your children perhaps, or your grandchildren, teenagers, young people who may be out, having a good time, enjoying themselves, perhaps doing nothing wrong but driving home, may be injured by a drunk driver.

Alcohol is a real problem all the time, but especially on New Years Eve. It doesn’t have to be your loved one, or you, who does the drinking and driving. It could be someone else – someone inattentive driving down the road, late at night, causing an accident. These are things that torment us, but we know, nevertheless, that they are going to happen.

Here in my city of Memphis, there are celebrations all over the city tonight. On Beale Street, there will be thousands of people there. And all of those people have to drive home and that is a great concern so be very careful out there.

And if something happens – if someone does injure a person that you love, a person you are close to, or does injure you, you need to keep in mind that the person hopefully has insurance. And if he or she does not have insurance, then you need to have insurance – that’s called uninsured motorist coverage. You need to always have that because it protects you from irresponsible people like the people who will be out driving around after they’ve been drinking tonight on New Years Eve.

Another thing to keep in mind is who serves all of these people alcohol. Hopefully they are not under the legal limit for drinking, and if they are, then who serves the alcohol?

Most public places now are too frightened of the regulations to serve alcohol to minors, but they’re plenty of private places – private parties that your children might go to that you need to be very aware of.

Those people – if they serve alcohol to your kids or to a person who injures your children – could be liable. There could be some liability there that a person could look to. So be careful and don’t do that yourself. Don’t serve alcohol to minors – that should go without saying but still I have to say it because people still do it.

Be careful out there tonight folks and if you do have problems, find an attorney that can help you and that knows what he’s doing with drunk driving cases.