We are still in the trenches reviewing cases related to temporary blood filters. These are tiny, removable devices put in the veins to help people with extreme risk for clotting, pulmonary embolism, stroke, or heart attack.

Unfortunately they also have an extremely high failure rate. They can break and migrate through your body, piercing organs, requiring surgery, or even leading to death.

With those heinous injuries in mind, I’m seeking justice on behalf of the victims. 

It’s important to remember I’m not going after the doctors or hospitals that implant these devices. I believe they are looking out for their patients and trying to do right by them. But the manufacturer knows all about the harm these devices can do. There’s evidence they’ve known for a long time, and haven’t done anything to protect the public.

If you’ve had an IVC filter implanted, and you’ve:

  • required additional heart or vein surgeries
  • experienced heart, kidney, or lung problems

We will investigate your case for free. Contact our malpractice attorneys today.